YXS Video Player

YXS Video Player is a video player which provides various useful features with easy user interface,

such as Frame-by-frame forward/backward using a jog dial, A-B repeat, and Video share.

Also it supports many video formats that the standard video player doesn't support.


System requirements:


  1. This application periodically requires a network connection for a license check only.

     However, once validity of the license is confirmed, you can use the application without a network connection for a few days.

  2. Network streams are not supported.


1. Playback

You can start playback by touching the item of the video list.

Touch anywhere on the video screen to show the control panel.

(1). FF (Fast Forward) / REW (Rewind)

    Touch the FF button to move the playback position forward by the specified seek time.

    Touch the REW button to move the playback position backward by the specified seek time.

    The default seek time is 15 seconds. You can change the seek time from the settings menu.

(2).  Frame-by-frame forward/backward

    Touch the jog dial and turn it clockwise for frame-by-frame forward, or turn counterclockwise for frame-by-frame backward.

     Upon touching the jog dial, playback is paused.

(3) A-B repeat

    Move to the start position using the FF or REW buttons, the seek bar or the jog dial, and then touch the A button.  

    Move to the end position in the same way, and then touch the B button.

    Touch the Repeat ON/OFF button to toggle repeat mode.

    If repeat mode is on,  playback between the position "A" and "B" will be repeated.

    Otherwise, playback between the position "A" and "B" will be executed just once.

    The position  "A" and "B" can be reset by touching & holding the A and B buttons, respectively.

(4). Select Audio track

    If the video file contains two or more audio tracks, you can select the audio tracks by touching the Select audio track button.

    The selection will be kept even after power is off. 

    If the video file contains only one audio track, the button is disabled. 

(5). Select Subtitle track

    If the video file contains subtitle track(s) or there is a subtitle file in the same directory, you can select or turn off the subtitle 

    by touching the Select subtitle track button.

    The selection will be kept even after power is off. 

    If subtitle(s) are not available, the button is disabled. 


(6). Subtitle files

    The subtitle file must have the same file name as the video file with a proper extension, and be placed in the same directory.    


        foo_video.mp4 (Video file)

        foo_video.srt   (Subtitle file)

    You can create your own subtitle files with appropriate applications (even with a text editor).

    Font settings and styles are not supported.

2. Video menu

Touch & hold a video item in the list you want to share or exclude from the list, until  the menu opens.

(1). Share

    You can send the selected video file via Gmail, Bluetooth or the other applications.

    Touch "Share" in the menu, and then you can select applications.

(2). Exclude from the list

    If you want to exclude the video file from the list,  touch "Exclude from list" in the menu.

    The excluded video file is not deleted. You can recover the excluded file anytime from the settings screen.

3. Application menu

If your system is Android 2.x, press the menu button on your terminal to open the menu:

If your system is Android 3.0 or later, the menu items (Refresh, Settings) are on the action bar:

(1). Refresh

    Touch the Refresh icon to refresh the video list.

    Usually, the video list is automatically refreshed when the USB storage is updated.

    However,  some systems may not refresh the video list automatically for some reason.

    So you can refresh the video list manually.

(2). Settings

    Touch the Settings icon to open the settings screen.

    The settings screen contains the following items:

    (A). Action after playback completion

        You can select the action :

             - Return to the list

             - Pause at the end

    (B). Seek by FF/REW button

        You can select the seek time (5sec, 10sec, 15sec, 30sec).

    (C). Background playback

        If checked, the audio track is continued playing even after the video screen is closed by the other application.

        This is useful to adjust equalizers from the equalizer application (if any)..

        You can return to the video screen by touching "Playing video" on the Notifications panel, or touching "YXS Video Player" icon.

    (D). Playback during screen off

        If checked, background playback is continued even after screen turns off.

    (E). Excluded file list

        You can show the excluded file list and recover the selected files.

    (F). Enable equalizer app

        Usually, you don't have to change this setting. 

        Uncheck only when you have a problem with your equalizer application.


    The sample movie in the screenshots is titled "Big Buck Bunny".

    You can get it from: http://www.bigbuckbunny.org