Dancing Robot Music Live Wallpaper

The Android robot dances to the currently playing music.

Depending on the music, he may not dance well, but he will do his best.


- Choice of 4 body colors, and auto-change color

- Choice of 3 body sizes

- Independent of music players; the robot also reacts to ring tones and alarms


  1. This application requires a network connection only for a license check.

     The license check is initiated only when the wallpaper is picked.

     Once the wallpaper is set, it will never access the network.

  2. Since the demo version is NOT available, please confirm that the application works on your system 

     within the 15-minute evaluation period after downloading.

  3. Android OS version must be 2.3 or later.


1. Press  the menu button and  press "Wallpaper" menu item.

2. Press "Live wallpapers" to open a scrolling list of live wallpapers installed on your phone.

3. Press  " Dancing Robot" in the scrolling list.

4. Press "Set wallpaper" button, or  press "Settings..." button if you want to change the settings.